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Futsal is a dynamic and very entertaining sport. Compared to football, futsal has more frequent attacks, assists, and goals, which increases the interest of fans and spectators. Although futsal championships are not as popular as Major League Soccer, bookmakers take bets on the sport, and experienced bettors successfully wager and win money.


Futsal rules

Before betting on futsal, you need to study the rules of the game thoroughly. What is the difference between futsal and mini football? Many football fans believe that they are the same, but there are some differences between these sports.

In betting shops, futsal competitions may be called futsal, so the two terms are intertwined and often interchangeable. However, there are differences between futsal and futsal.

Futsal championships are organised by the AMF, while Futsal competitions are organised by FIFA. The rules are also slightly different. For example, in futsal, many contact actions such as tackling are allowed, i.e. this game is tougher and more injury prone. From behind the touchline the ball is kicked with the hands, while in futsal it is knocked down.

Despite this difference in the rules, both terms are often used to refer to the same game, so referring to futsal in this article will mean futsal. Types of futsal betting
Futsal events are well covered by the media and widely represented in betting shops’ lines. Therefore bettors can place many different futsal bets, choosing the most optimal and predictable ones. Traditionally, you can bet on the outcome of the match, or a single half. A win, a loss or a draw is possible. Play-offs are always decided by a winner, so a draw in regulation time results in extra time and penalty shootout.

Mini football is a relatively productive sport. Both teams score about 6-7 goals in a game. Therefore on the total betting bookmakers accept bets within the limit of 6-7 goals – more or less. Also on the results of a futsal match, you can bet with a handicap. If teams meet roughly equal in strength, the size of the offered handicap is similar to the big football – there is a zero handicap, +1 or -1.

For major tournaments, bookmakers expand the line with additional bets. These include total goals in one of the halves, individual team totals, even/odd goals in a match, whether there will be goals from both sides, and bets on the exact score. You can also make long-term bets, like trying to guess the winner of the tournament or the teams that will make it to a certain stage of the play-offs.


Analysis of futsal matches

There are many parameters to be analyzed when making a futsal forecast. Particular attention should be paid to the composition of the teams, as well as the tournament motivation of each team. Considering that a futsal team consists of 5 players, the impact of each player on the overall performance is huge. The goalkeeper is probably the most important player, whose performance largely determines how many goals you concede. You need to take into account whether the main goalkeeper will be present in the match, or whether the coach will field a substitute to save the main squad for a more important meeting.

For a more accurate prediction on futsal, you should check the latest fixtures of the opposing teams. You should get a feel for the players’ individual qualities and compare them to the other team. For instance, the ability to shoot effectively from long-range positions will be a great advantage against teams with a strong defense.

Unfortunately, futsal is not as popular as football, and therefore there is not much information available in the public domain. Nevertheless, you can find plenty of data, especially on foreign websites, to help you make a winning bet on futsal.