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Water polo is not just an Olympic sport, but also a very interesting confrontation, the prototype of which can be considered the original Japanese game, where players sit on barrels and play with poles.

In its modern form, the sport was introduced two centuries ago, was called water football for a long time and generally had no clearly defined rules. Today it is really loved almost everywhere, not to mention the fact that most betting shops are ready to accept bets on water polo. Betting in this field has its own peculiarities. Water polo as one of the sports betting disciplines: what are the features.
Bookmakers usually offer a rather limited selection of bets on this sport, there are only standard types, from outcomes to totals.

What is convenient with this sport, which is not the most common, is that the player is at about the same level as the bookmaker, because there is very little analysis on the aquatic floor today, and even less decent analysis, so the information is taken from approximately the same sources. This significantly affects the winning odds.

Yugoslavia, USA – here is the list of countries that traditionally lead in water polo. And this is a sport where a leader can easily gain several victories in a row – and even several dozen victories. And this is possible even in international matches, which makes predictions much more difficult. That is if we are talking about men’s polo. If we are talking about women’s water polo players, it is safe to bet on American teams, they are always very strong.


Types of water polo betting

Bookmakers are not yet able to offer a wide spread of bets on water polo. But fans have the opportunity to choose one of the main options:

  • Winning the tournament. Bets on the outcome of the competition are accepted on major events. These include the Olympics and the World Cup.
  • The result of the match. Betting on the outcome of a game between two teams is the most common.
  • A handicap win. A handicap can be plus or minus.
  • Total. Professional bettors prefer to guess the number of goals scored, rather than the winner.
  • The outcome of one period. The game is conventionally divided into four parts, each of which lasts 8 minutes.

What is important to know before placing a bet?

The goalkeeper is the most important player in the team, so if a known strong player for some reason does not participate in the match, his team is likely to lose. Bookmakers do not always take this into account and it can be taken advantage of.

Oddly enough, the pool is of great importance. Teams can have different results in the open air and in the indoor pool. And statistics show that the water polo players are more likely to win if they play in the same place where they regularly train.

As for the type of betting on this sport, if a person does not encounter betting for the first time, everything is quite familiar to him. There are no particular strategies for water polo, so you can just enjoy the process and wait for the winnings.

So if you use water polo predictions and knowledge of the game and consider all the factors that go along with it, you should expect to win handsomely. You should bear in mind, however, that most bookmakers only place bets on water polo during major tournaments and, of course, the Olympics. But connoisseurs of the sport have the opportunity to make some really interesting winnings, which are not available in more common sports.