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History, main types of live betting, and features of sports betting

Betting on sports is an activity that is as old as the world. The first bets were placed by the ancient Hellenes on the winners of the Olympic Games. The Romans also enjoyed sports betting – gladiatorial fights were popular then.

Many enjoyed the spectacle and the chance to get rich at the same time. Or lose everything, depending on your luck. In those early days, there were no bookmakers, and guests of the bloody spectacles bet directly.

The first betting shops appeared much later. It happened in Great Britain. An enterprising William Ogden, who organized live betting on horse racing, contributed to that.

Thus, the betting business started in 1790, when Ogden developed his betting system. The Englishman’s business was continued by L. Davis together with F. Swindell. They became the first businessmen to open a real sports betting company. In addition, Davies and Swindell became the first bookmakers – they also offered predictions on sporting events.

Three decades passed, and live betting spread to European countries; betting shops also started to open in Russia and the US. The way betting shops operate has not changed since then. Like now, bookmakers made their profits on margin. By the way, state governments treated betting with great attention. Basic types of sports betting
The modern stage in the development of betting is live betting, which can be conducted with the help of gadgets from anywhere in the world where there is internet and access to the BK. Apart from betting, online betting is also popular due to the ban on casinos in some countries. Online betting in sports betting refers to a consolidated list of 13 to 15 events in which the player has to guess the maximum number of outcomes.


Sports betting online

When it comes to the main types of betting, the three most popular types of sports betting still form the basis – a win for the first participant, a win for the second, and a draw. They are known as P1, P2 and X respectively. These bets are still in action everywhere – in hockey, football, tennis, basketball and cybersports.

Total betting tips today

Another popular type of online sports betting is total betting. The total is the total number of goals (goals, points, etc.) that are scored in a meeting. For example, the result of a football match in which the teams Zenit and CSKA were involved, the score was 3-1 in favor of Zenit.

Thus, the overall total for the match was 4 goals. As a rule, the betting slate offers different variants of totals. The bet may be an integer or a half. If, for example, the bettor bets for a total over 3.5 (TB 3.5) before the match, his bet wins. To make a profit, the bettor needs the teams to score a total of at least four goals. There is another variant of the total – the integer total. In that case, if one goal is not scored, the bet will be refunded.

Bet online sports betting. Handicap

Another popular betting option is handicaps. It may be either a plus or minus handicap. This type of online betting is used when the total is worthless due to low odds. This is usually the case between a clear favorite and an underdog. For instance, the German Bayern plays against Cologne. As for the visitors, the bookmakers give odds of 13, for the Munich side the odds are a little over one. In such a case a bet on the handicap is used. It is unlikely that anyone would risk a large sum betting on Bayern.

Still, anything can happen in sports, especially since the introduction of the VAR (“video assistant referee”) system. Goals can be canceled one after the other – as evidenced by regular matches involving Italian Sassuolo, who sometimes get up to 3-4 goals canceled per game for reasons of millimeter offside.


A portal for successful sports betting

Betting¬† online can be a profitable business. But to do so, it is important to determine the basic resources through which the betting will be done. First, choose a bookmaker’s office. In fact, any registered and operating in accordance with the legislation of the BK is an official site for online betting on sports. Then it is useful to find a resource with quality analysis, odds comparison, and forecasts.