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Mixed martial arts is a fairly young sport, but is growing in popularity every year. Among martial arts, MMA has one of the leading positions. Bookmakers could not help but take advantage of its popularity, which is why betting companies accept various bets on MMA. Unlike team sports, in mixed martial arts only two athletes are analyzed, not teams, which makes MMA a more predictable sport.


Features of MMA betting

There are many mixed martial arts organisations, the most popular among them being: UFC, ONE FC, Bellator. Each organization has its own rules. Therefore, before MMA betting, it is necessary to get acquainted with the rules of the organization where the fight takes place.

Mixed martial arts is a very aggressive and unpredictable sport, in which it is difficult to predict the outcome, especially if the opponents are of similar strength. Very often there are upsets – when a clear underdog beats the favourite. You can take advantage of this by MMA betting.

If the fight appears in the bookmaker’s line it does not necessarily mean it will take place. It happens, that on the eve of the fight the fighters are withdrawn due to a failed doping test or an injury. It is also possible that the athletes do not fit into the desired weight class. In this case you need to check the MMA betting rules at the bookmaker’s office – perhaps the result will not count.


MMA betting tips

One of the most popular martial arts bets is who will win. A draw is also possible in MMA, but it happens very rarely. That is why many bookmakers do not include a draw in their lineup. If this is the case in your BK, find out what happens in case of a draw before MMA betting on a win. As stated earlier, sensations often happen in MMA fights, so betting on the favorite is not the best betting option.

You can bet on MMA sports online on how many rounds the fight will last. You can also bet on the total rounds. Before making such a bet, you need to find out how much knockout opponents will fight. The higher the number of early wins each has, the higher the chance that the fight will end in the first or second round early.

Before championship, ranked fights, bookmakers offer a very wide range of bets on MMA fights. For example, before the fight between Conor McGregor and Khabib Nurmagomedov, some bookmakers offered MMA betting on whether the rivals will shake hands.


Recommendations for online MMA betting

The success of a sports bet depends on how well all the factors are analysed and taken into account. In mixed martial arts, only two fighters meet, and you only need to analyze their form and motivation. However, this is not always easy, as the coaching staff does not report injuries sustained during training unless, of course, that injury becomes the reason for withdrawal from the fight.

When analysing the upcoming fight it is worth looking at the history of the opponents’ encounters. They may have had the same opponents. However, it should be kept in mind that the victory of one athlete and the loss of the other over the same opponent does not mean that the first athlete will defeat the other. The thing is that everyone has his own style and technique, which are not always suitable for the opponent. That’s why it’s not uncommon for top ranked fighters to lose to top ten fighters.

Before making online MMA betting, you should find out whether an athlete has changed his weight class. Usually, putting on extra weight or, on the contrary, fast weight gain worsen the fighter’s physical condition. So such fighters at first will not be in the best shape in their new category and it is quite possible that they will lose to an underdog.