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Reasons for the popularity of football betting

Ball games were prevalent in all ancient cultures. However, the development of the idea of modern football as such was facilitated by the Florentine Calcio, which was popular in the 14th century. It is worth mentioning that it was a rather tough game, during which players struggled against each other, trying to break the opponent’s defence. Later on, the game was taken over by the English, who also made no rules. Players were often injured and in some cases even killed.

The first rules did not appear until the 17th century. It was forbidden to kick in the groin area, to knock opponents down. Only in the first half of the 19th century in England did the games start to be organised. Teams of 11-14 players were formed, the length of the field was 70-90 metres, there were gates. Mostly played by teams from different colleges, each of which set its own rules. The first common rules were drawn up in 1846. They subsequently became the basis for the formation of the Great Britain Football Association. “Sheffield” in 1857 is the very first legally recognised football club. Six years later the Anglian Football Association was formed and a further ten years later a match between Great Britain and Scotland was held, which was recognised as the first international game. At that time no winner was ever decided.

It was only 30 years later that an organisation dedicated to governing football matches worldwide and coordinating international tournaments was formed, under the name of FIFA. It is still in operation today. Football spread around the world thanks to the development of contacts between the continents.


Peculiarities of football betting

Currently, it is safe to say that football is extremely popular. A huge number of people watch it. Forecasts and bets on football are also in demand, as they are interesting and at the same time often allow one to score a lot of money. Today, football betting owes its popularity to the fact that it is easy to do.

A large number of football championships and tournaments are held every year. The most massive ones are organized by FIFA. You can bet on football online for any game that takes place today, tomorrow or in the near future. However, you should get as much information about the team and its key players as possible to compare the strengths of your opponents and to be able to predict the course of events.


Football betting odds

Apart from these major tournaments, there are also many continental tournaments, the bets on which are not as high, but the chance of winning is high. They are very popular in football sports betting.

If you are new to the betting market, experienced players recommend that you get as much information as possible and then start betting. In doing so, one or more working strategies should be chosen first. The game should be played with a sense of responsibility and preparedness. Only then you can achieve successful results.

There are also soccer betting odds which are popular on the internet. The principle of the game is very different from ordinary football betting and predictions. The essence of the game is quite simple, it does not require any special knowledge. You are simply presented with a range of matches, in which you make your predictions, by ticking a certain team. Then all the bets are fixed, and the prize pool is deducted. Whoever guessed the highest number of matches, that is the winner.


Best odds for football betting

If you have decided to master the soccer betting market, the team of professional sports analysts at Pro100bet Bookmaker will help you do so. It is a company dedicated to football betting around the world.

The employees of the service are engaged in searching and analyzing sports information from all over the world on a daily basis. Everything is done to ensure that you have the opportunity to study new information, from match schedules to high odds from the world’s bookmakers. The specialists update and publish the necessary information in a timely manner. This allows you to always be aware of what’s going on and not miss a match of your favourite team.

The service provides lists with the best football betting odds from the world’s leading bookmakers to prevent you from missing out on a profitable betting odds on your supposed match outcome. You can also read and study the strategies for betting and listen to the advice of professional bettors.

Online football betting for today

Football betting is in demand today. And among a large number of people. However, it is a certain risk. The Pro100bet website is designed to minimize mistakes as much as possible. Therefore, all the information you need is in an easy to find format. This may help to increase your chances of winning, because now you don’t have to spend a lot of time searching for the necessary information on the Internet.

Soccer Betting is not only fun, but also a good opportunity, once you take a risk, to get a long-term, stable and real income. If you want to get the most positive result for yourself, you should not make hasty decisions.