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Motorsport attracts fans of high speed, drive, and racing motorbikes. Motorsport competitions are spectacular and unpredictable.

With huge crowds of fans, these competitions have not failed to attract the attention of bookmakers. They offer to bet on motorsports in various championships which are regularly staged in different parts of the world. This sport has some peculiarities that you need to consider in order to make successful predictions on the results of motorbike racing.


Features of Motorsports

Motorsport betting are placed in different competitions that have their own rules. All the championships can be found on our website.
So you have to use a specific strategy for each kind of championship. Consider the most popular races, which are fully represented in the line of betting shops:

  • Motocross. Competitions take place over rough terrain with various obstacles. The most prestigious tournament is the World Championship, which has been held for almost three seasons in various countries.
  • Road-ring races. The races take place on an asphalt track. This type of racing is divided into classes according to the engine capacity of the motorbike: Moto GP, Moto 2, and Moto 3. The most prestigious event is the Moto GP, which features the fastest and most technically advanced motorbikes which are not commercially available. Therefore this type of racing can be compared to Formula 1.
  • Speedway. These races are held on an oval track which varies in length from 260 to 400 meters. The speedway has an annual world championship, with different editions taking place in several countries. There is also another subspecies of this category, speedway on ice. For the past twenty years, the first places in the world championship of speedway on ice have gone to Russian racers.
  • The Enduro is the longest competition, which can last up to a month. This rally comprises several stages. Types of bets on motorcycling

Types of bets may differ depending on the type of competition, as well as on the particular betting office. In most cases, however, the bets presented in this article will be in the lineup. So, naturally, you can bet on a particular athlete to win a race. It is also possible to bet on a rider to win a single lap in a major event.

Bets are also accepted on the prizes, from 1 to 3. The line shows the names of the drivers and the odds, and you have to select the driver who you think will get the podium spot.

Two drivers can be compared against each other. Guess correctly which of the two competitors will cross the finishing line first. It is possible to bet on motorcycling with handicaps on a time trial. With this type of betting, you have to determine how much faster one rider finishes than the other. Bookmakers also take long-term bets on the winner of the whole tournament rather than a specific race.

Analysis of the race

To place a winning bet on motorsports on our site you need to properly analyze the upcoming race. It is advisable to bet on all of the championships at once, it is better to choose one or two that you like best and which are better predicted. The races of each championship take place about once every half a month. Therefore there will be enough time to analyze the race.

For forecasting, it is important to be able to work with the standings. When analyzing them you need to find regularities that occur from year to year. For example, a driver has a stable leading position on a certain track and an average position on other tracks.
It is also important to take into account the weather conditions. Because of rain, snow, wind, and dust, the best drivers may not use their best. Therefore it is dangerous to bet on the favorite in difficult weather conditions.